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How to Unpack Your New Victor Rotary Machine

How to Unpack Your New Victor Rotary Machine.

Congratulations on receiving your new Victor rotary machine. To ensure that it is unpacked safely and sustainably, please follow these steps:

1. The box should be delivered in an upright position, strapped to the pallet, in a tall box. If the box looks like it has been stored on it’s side or had anything stored onto of it, please check the contents before accepting delivery. ​

2. Using 2 people, lift the box from the pallet and onto the floor, but keep upright at this point. Depending on which machine you have ordered, the box could weigh up to 45kg. This is a 2 person lift, and moving this box should only be attempted by a minimum of 2 people. ​

3. Once the box is on the floor, tilt the box towards you until it is laid lengthways on the floor. There are arrows on the edge of the box to indicate which way up the box should be when opening. Do not open the box if the arrows are upside-down, this could damage the machine and will be very difficult to get out of the box. ​

4. Open the edge of the box. The Machine handle should be facing you and the right way up.

5. Pull the handle and wheel the machine out of the box fully using the machines transport wheels. ​

5. Pull the trigger on the handle to reset the handle to the upright position.

Following these steps will help you unpack your new machine safely and prevent any damage to the machine or injury to the person unpacking it.

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