Axel Bond Care - Victor Floor Cleaning Machines

Axel Bond Care

Working in partnership with Victor, Axel Bond Care Limited were keen to assess their current cleaning strategy with a view to implementing the right equipment to allow floor cleaning to be conducted quicker, and with better results. With a variety of sites across Lancashire, Michael Hommel (Director) was keen to standardise the products used to allow greater consistency on cleaning methods, whilst ensuring their goal of providing equipment that had low life-cost and was easy to use was fully met.

“I am responsible for the management of all our sites, and I needed to be sure that we were using the correct cleaning equipment to ensure the cleanliness of each home was consistent and to the highest standard. Safety is a key aspect of cleaning in an environment where aged people (often with conditions like Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s and Dementia) are present 24/7. Therefore, it was vital that we were very clear on the suitability, performance and safety of the equipment that was being used throughout the buildings and facilities that we looked after.

“Before we began working with Victor Floorcare, although our cleaning standards were good, we were in a position where many products that were no longer fit for cleaning the variety of floor types we had throughout each site. Through a detailed and extensive review that Victor conducted for us, which included trialling different types of equipment, areas for change and improvement soon became clear.”

A particular challenge was the cleaning of safety flooring, which is notorious for trapping dirt within the natural imperfections the floor has. If this type of floor is not cleaned correctly, the build-up of dirt means the non-slip properties are greatly reduced which increases the likeliness of slips and trips. Having identified this issue, Victor advised and demonstrated to Michael and his staff the different machines available, quickly concluding which one was most suitable. Michael was delighted with the result:

“Implementing the new equipment across the different sites, all of which were using an array of methodologies and products provided by different suppliers, needed to be simple and seamless. Thankfully, with Victor’s support, this was the case and now that we have defined and standardised the products and processes that we utilise across our homes in Lancashire, we are benefiting from substantially quicker cleaning times and the floor cleanliness has increased dramatically.

Now using equipment that is fit for purpose, by cleaning staff that have been trained by Victor on how to use them properly, we are happy that we are providing an excellent level of care for staff and residents, across all our facilities.”

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