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Cleaner, Safer Education Spaces with Victor Floorcare's Commercial Cleaning Equipment
The floors in schools, nurseries, colleges and universities need to be kept as clean, hygienic and safe as possible for the health and wellbeing of students and staff.

In educational facilities, there will be many different areas to clean, each potentially having a different type of flooring, different pieces of furniture and equipment to work around and different needs. Areas with high footfall, such as corridors, will need extensive daily cleaning, while others, such as science labs, might have more ad hoc requirements.

Safety flooring, commonly used in educational buildings because it reduces the risk of students and staff slipping, can require more intensive, specialist cleaning to ensure it is thoroughly cleaned without compromising its safety features.

School cleaners and caretakers therefore need floor cleaning solutions for multiple tasks and multiple surfaces – from polishing shiny sports hall floors to vacuuming carpeted classrooms – that are effective, easy to manoeuvre and, with budgets being tight, offer value-for-money.
Find the Product Best Suited to Your Needs
Why Victor Cleaning machines are Ideal for schools, nurseries, colleges and universities
High-Quality & Reliable
Popular in the sector
Victor has been popular with the education sector for many decades, with products such as the Contractor or V9 Vacuum being firm favourites.
The Victor Multispeed Rotary Floor Scrubber and Polisher Machine is ideal for schools and universities with multiple floor types. With multiple speed settings it can perform a range of tasks on many different floor types.
Deep and Thorough Clean
Deep and Thorough Clean
Victor's machines are designed to deliver a deep, thorough clean, which is essential for maintaining a healthy and hygienic learning environment.
Rental and Maintenance
Minimal Maintenance
Victor's machines are easy to use and require minimal maintenance, making easy to look after with minimal downtime.
Full Range
Full Range
Victor offers a range of products suitable for different types of flooring, including carpets, hard floors, and tiles.
Victor's machines are cost-effective,with low total lifetime cost. This is important for maximising budgets.

Unlocking Your Commercial Floorcare Potential

With over 75 years of hands-on experience in floorcare, we provide tailored advice to simplify your decision-making processes ensuring you get the most efficient and effective floorcare solutions.

Trust Victor to be your partners in commercial floorcare, where we work tirelessly to discover your needs, simplify processes, and help you perform at your best.
Unlocking Your Commercial Floorcare Potential
why victor
Manufacturing in Britain for over 75 years
Our mighty commercial cleaning products are manufactured in Birmingham, UK.
why victor
High-quality products
We only build products which are of the highest quality and suitable for commercial environments.
why victor
Short led times
We offer short lead times and next day delivery on request.
why victor
Easy to use
Our simple but highly effective engineering makes our commercial cleaning machines easy to maintain and service.
why victor
First class customer care
Our friendly team have decades of experience solving commercial cleaning problems.

Sustainable Commercial Cleaning Equipment

  • Sustainable Product Design
  • Responsible Manufacturing
  • Sustainable Packaging
  • Sustainable Sourcing
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