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Achieve the perfect retail environment with with Victor Floorcare's Commercial Cleaning Equipment
A shiny, clean floor can enhance the shopping experience, making all the difference to a sale. It’s important to keep dirt, soil, scuffs and stains to a minimum, which can be a challenge in high-traffic areas, such as in large shopping centres. Wet weather can create an additional issue, compromising aesthetics as well as safety.

Cleaners will need a high-performance machine that can maintain a floor’s clean and shiny appearance, whatever the level of footfall or weather conditions throughout the day. They require products that provide effective results and are manoeuvrable enough to navigate around goods, typically displayed on shelving and tables or on racks or mannequins. If machines are used throughout the day for ad hoc cleaning, they need to be quiet and unobtrusive too.

Some areas in retail premises have anti-slip safety flooring, which comes with its own challenges. Its safety properties make it difficult to keep clean, and if not cleaned properly, the anti-slip benefits can be reduced. A machine designed to work on anti-slip flooring, which doesn’t compromise on safety, is essential.
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Why Victor Cleaning machines are Ideal for the Retail Environment
Full Range
Full Range
Victor offers a range of products suitable for different types of flooring, including carpets, hard floors, and tiles.
Victor's machines are designed to maintain a floor's clean and shiny appearance, whatever the level of footfall or weather conditions throughout the day, making them ideal for high-traffic areas.
Rental and Maintenance
Rental and Maintenance
Victor's machines are manoeuvrable enough to work around displays and other obstacles, which is important for stores that need to keep their floors clean without disrupting their displays.
Victor's machines are easy to use and require minimal maintenance. Maintenance packages are available on request.
Deep and Thorough Clean
Deep and Thorough Clean
A clean, safe environment will enhance the shopping experience and increase sales, and Victor's machines are designed to deliver a deep, thorough clean that can help achieve this goal.
Up-to-Date Fleet
Built to last
Victor's machines are built to last and have a reputation for quality and reliability.

Unlocking Your Commercial Floorcare Potential

With over 75 years of hands-on experience in floorcare, we provide tailored advice to simplify your decision-making processes ensuring you get the most efficient and effective floorcare solutions.

Trust Victor to be your partners in commercial floorcare, where we work tirelessly to discover your needs, simplify processes, and help you perform at your best.
Unlocking Your Commercial Floorcare Potential
why victor
Manufacturing in Britain for over 75 years
Our mighty commercial cleaning products are manufactured in Birmingham, UK.
why victor
High-quality products
We only build products which are of the highest quality and suitable for commercial environments.
why victor
Short led times
We offer short lead times and next day delivery on request.
why victor
Easy to use
Our simple but highly effective engineering makes our commercial cleaning machines easy to maintain and service.
why victor
First class customer care
Our friendly team have decades of experience solving commercial cleaning problems.

Sustainable Commercial Cleaning Equipment

  • Sustainable Product Design
  • Responsible Manufacturing
  • Sustainable Packaging
  • Sustainable Sourcing
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