001 Poolside and washroom Cleaner by Victor – V-PW001


SKU: V-PW001

A concentrated product which combines effective cleaning and descaling power with the ability to kill most bacteria, mould and mildew. Designed for professionals to clean “wet” areas around swimming pools, wash rooms, showers, etc.  The combination of biodegradable detergents and descalers rapidly remove daily accumulations of body fat and limescale, with the specially selected antimicrobial package arresting the growth of unsightly mildew.  Will also remove limescale and mildew from pipework, shower heads and water features.


  • Effective at very high dilution
  • Easily and gently removes limescale, dirt and grime
  • Does not contain ingredients which accelerate metal corrosion
  • Safe on paintwork, metal surfaces, glass, tiles and rubber
  • Can be used in pressure wash machines and scrubber dryers
  • Effective in hard and soft waters
  • Rapid Action




Daily Cleaning: Remove, where possible, all loose surface debris, apply at up to 1:100 dilution depending upon level of soiling. Allow at least 5 minutes contact time, ensuring the product does not dry out, before rinsing with clean water


Code: V-PW001

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