Melamine Floor Pads – 15″ / 400mm – 2 pc



Introducing the Victor Melamine Floor Pad 15inch / 400mm for Single Disc Machine – Pack of 2


Achieve exceptional cleaning results with the Victor Melamine Floor Pad. Designed specifically for use on single-disc machines, these pads are ideal for basic cleaning tasks. With their strong scouring backing and 85mm inner hole, these 15-inch / 400mm pads offer convenience and efficiency in one package.


Key Features:


  • Versatile Application: The Victor Melamine Floor Pad delivers outstanding mechanical cleaning results on a variety of mineral surfaces, including porcelain stoneware tiles, natural stone, artificial stone, and textured surfaces.


  • Compatibility: These pads are suitable for use with a wide range of flooring surfaces. However, we recommend conducting a small inconspicuous area test before full-scale use.


  • Easy to Use: Our melamine pads are compatible with all common cleaning agents, making it simple to integrate them into your existing cleaning routine.


  • Durable Performance: With their maximum dirt removal capabilities, these pads offer long service lives for basic cleaning tasks of up to 1,000 square meters and beyond.


Product Specifications:


  • Cleaning Machine: Single Disc Machine
  • Size (Round): 15 inches / 400mm
  • Backing: Scouring Fleece
  • Item Weight: 0.28 kg


Please note that product data and instruction sheets should be carefully reviewed for detailed usage instructions and important information.


Experience the power and efficiency of the Victor Melamine Floor Pad 15inch / 400mm for Single Disc Machine. Transform your cleaning process and achieve outstanding results with ease.


Pack of 2 Pads


Compatible with:


All Victor 15″ Rotary Machines.


Also available in: 17″ / 450mm

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