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Victor Lynx 15″ High Speed Floor Burnisher Machine



Victor Lynx 15″ High Speed Burnisher Machine


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the Victor Lynx 15″ High-Speed Floor Burnisher Machine – the ultimate solution for achieving a high-quality and glossy finish on your hard floors!

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The Victor Lynx is a commercial-grade floor burnisher designed to deliver excellent productivity and superior results. With an operating speed of 1080 RPM, it's perfect for use in spray cleaning or burnishing to provide a smooth and shiny finish on your floors.


The Lynx's toughened plastic pad gripper prevents the pad from working loose, ensuring longevity, while the strong, zinc-coated steel frame will not rust or corrode, providing durability for long-lasting use. The ergonomic design of the Lynx provides a fatigue-free and hover-like sensation in operation, reducing the risk of damage to floors or the machine.


The Victor Lynx features a passive dust collection system that uses a diffuser strip to create an airtight seal, causing a vacuum effect that collects dust into an onboard vacuum bag. For areas more prone to dust buildup, an active exhauster unit can be added, creating a powerful vacuum action for higher levels of dust collection.


The Lynx is available in three sizes - 15", 17", and 20", providing versatility to suit any job. With its fold-over handle, the Lynx can be easily stored in small spaces, making it an ideal choice for commercial cleaning professionals.


Investing in the Victor Lynx 15" High-Speed Floor Burnisher Machine will not only provide a superior finish on your floors but also increase productivity and save time. Don't settle for less, choose the Victor Lynx for all your floor burnishing needs.

  • 3 Years Warranty
  • Delivered fully assembled and ready for use
  • CentreFlex® technology Drive board included
  • Maintenance packages available on request
  • Simple, but built to last
  • Easy to Use
  • Made in the UK
Key Features
Easy Storage
Easy Storage
The Lynx folds down to allow easy compact storage.
Superior Results
Superior Results
1080 rpm operating speed gives excellent productivity and finish.
Long-Life Use
Long-Life Use
Toughened plastic pad gripper prevents pad from working use and ensures longevity.
Built to Last
Built to Last
Strong, zinc coated steel frame will not rust or corrode.
Ergonomic Design
Ergonomic Design
Fatigue-free, hover-like sensation in operation.
Passive or Active Dust Collection
Passive or Active Dust Collection
Vacuum exhauster can be fitted securely to handle.
Effortless High Shine Floors
Thanks to the Lynx burnisher's design, with its wheels remaining in contact with the floor during operation, it offers exceptional ease of use, making floor polishing a straightforward task even for inexperienced operators.
Floor Types
The Victor Lynx comes in three sizes (15", 17", and 20"), making it a versatile choice for different floor types and sizes. Its ability to spray clean or burnish floors makes it an excellent all-purpose machine for commercial floor maintenance.
  • Hard floor spray cleaning
  • Hard floor burnishing
Available in Battery or Mains
Available in Battery or Mains
The Lynx Burnisher by Victor Floor Care is now available in both tradititional mains version and the cutting edge lithium-ion battery version making it the ideal floor burnishing machine for any enviroment.
Available in Battery or Mains
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Which Lynx is Right for You?
Built to last, the Lynx features a toughened plastic pad gripper that prevents the pad from wearing out quickly and ensures longevity. The strong, zinc-coated steel frame of the Lynx is rust-resistant and durable, making it ideal for commercial use.
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