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Victor Trojan 110V Rotary Floorcare Machine


SKU: VR-T17/110V

Victor Trojan Rotary Floorcare Machine


Code: VR-T17

Speed: Low Speed (180RPM)

Voltage: 110V


The Victor Trojan 110v is ideal for heavy duty tasks that demand extra power and weight. With its 450mm driveboard and low speed of 180 RPM, the Trojan is specifically designed for intensive cleaning such as deep scrubbing, light renovation, stripping, scarifying and diamond pad tasks. What sets this model apart is the option to add an extra 30kg weight, enhancing its scrubbing capabilities even further. This feature ensures that even the toughest dirt and grime are thoroughly removed, leaving behind a pristine surface.

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Please note as a 110v machine, this is only suitable for certain enviroments:

What is the difference between a 240v vs 110v rotary floor cleaning machine?


The Trojan's well-balanced design makes it easy to use, even for inexperienced operators. And with its durable construction and 3-year warranty against defects, you can trust the Trojan to deliver reliable performance for years to come.


Invest in the versatile and powerful Victor Trojan rotary floor scrubber for your commercial cleaning needs. Order now and experience its benefits for yourself!Delivered fully assembled - Ready to use.Supplied with drive board.


Here's why Victor's 110V rotary machines are the ideal choice:

Built to last
All of our rotary floor machines, our 110V have been designed and built to last in even the most demanding environments. Their industrial construction makes them ideal for hire, construction and power stations.


Superior Performance

Our 110V rotary machines deliver the same exceptional performance as their 240V counterparts. They are designed to tackle a wide range of floor cleaning tasks efficiently and effectively, providing outstanding results every time.


Made in the UK

As with all of our rotary machines, our 110V rotary machines are proudly manufactured in the UK. You can trust in the renowned craftsmanship and quality standards associated with British manufacturing.


Prompt Delivery to Site

We understand that timely access to equipment is crucial for your projects. That's why we offer direct delivery to your site, ensuring a seamless experience. You can rely on us to provide efficient service and meet your deadlines.


Short Lead Times

With our efficient production processes, we are proud to offer short lead times, even on larger quantities. This means you can count on us to fulfill your orders promptly, allowing you to proceed with your projects without unnecessary delays.


  • 3 Years Warranty
  • Delivered fully assembled and ready for use
  • CentreFlex® technology Drive board included
  • Maintenance packages available on request
  • Simple, but built to last
  • Easy to Use
  • Made in the UK
Key Features
Multi-functional Cleaning
Multi-functional Cleaning
Match brush and pad options to specific tasks for best results.
Extra Weight
Extra Weight
An optional weight box and extra weight of 30kg (3 x 10kg) can be added to the Victor Trojan
Tried & Tested Drive System
Tried & Tested Drive System
Tensioned belt and pulley mechanism - no complex cogs/gear wheels.
Built to Last
Built to Last
Specialist anti-slip bolts secure machine components to steel frame.
Low Speed
The Trojan's 180 rpm speed is optimal for scrubbing and scarifying, making it more efficient and effective than machines with higher speeds.
Corrosion-Proof Undercover
Corrosion-Proof Undercover
The Victor Trojan has a corrosion-proof undercover that allows it to withstand the use of strong cleaning chemicals, without damaging the machine. This means it can tackle tough cleaning tasks, without sacrificing the lifespan of the machine.
CentreFlex® Technology
What is CentreFlex® Technology?
The Victor Trojan is supplied with a CentreFlex drive board. The CentreFlex drive board, a unique technology by Victor, enhances cleaning comfort and efficiency. It self-levels on various surfaces, ensuring consistent high-quality results. Its shock-absorbing design reduces user fatigue, facilitating extended cleaning sessions on multiple floor types. This innovation prioritises user comfort whilst ensuring bot flat and uneven surfaces are given the perfect finish.
CentreFlex® Technology
Floor Types
Despite its power, the Trojan is well-balanced and comfortable to use, even for inexperienced operators. If you're looking for a powerful and versatile floor scrubber, the Victor Trojan is an excellent choice.
  • Hard floor stripping
  • Hard floor scrubbing
  • Hard floor spray cleaning
  • Hard floor sanding
  • Hard floor bonnet mopping
  • Carpet skimming
  • Carpet bonnet mopping
  • Marble Preparation
  • Scarifying
Extra Weight
Extra Weight
An optional weight box and extra weight of 30kg (3 x 10kg) can be added to the Victor Trojan
Extra Weight
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Manufacturing in Britain for over 75 years
Our mighty commercial cleaning products are manufactured in Birmingham, UK.
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High-quality products
We only build products which are of the highest quality and suitable for commercial environments.
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Short led times
We offer short lead times and next day delivery on request.
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Easy to use
Our simple but highly effective engineering makes our commercial cleaning machines easy to maintain and service.
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First class customer care
Our friendly team have decades of experience solving commercial cleaning problems.

Victor Trojan Technical Specifications
The Victor Trojan rotary floor scrubber is a heavy-duty commercial floor scrubber that can handle a wide range of cleaning tasks.
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