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Cleaning Innovation

Bespoke products for modern cleaning challenges. We look at the same problems but think differently. We don’t pretend to know the answers, but we do have over 75 years experience in how to find them.

The Victor approach to developing products is unique – we aim to bring fresh perspectives to problems and identify new solutions.
Vacuum Cleaners by victor floorcare
We start with ideas that come about through a systematic and professional process involving close observation, insightful listening and thorough analysis of how tasks are carried out and the objectives and outcomes required.

Through our involvement with the cleaning industry and talking to customers, we come across some problems which may not be solved with a mighty cleaning machine, but with a simpler approach.

Our latest innovations include:
Cleaning Innovation
The RiserShine
The RiserShine was created as an effective alternative to expensive, complex, powered escalator cleaning machines.

The RiserShine helps ensure escalators are clean not only prolongs their life and reduces maintenance bills, but also projects a positive image for your facility.

Cleaning Innovation
The SlipStop®
Leaks in public spaces can create numerous health and safety risks for both visitors and staff.

These risks not only include slips, trips and falls for the public, but also put businesses and organisations at risk of liability claims. We created SlipStop®, a high visibility, wide funnel leak collector to eliminate slips within public areas.

Cleaning Innovation
Battery Rotary Machines
Rotary machines have remained a staple of professional floorcare for a number of years, with Victor being a trusted name. We at Victor have proudly released our range of Battery Rotary Machines Including The Cordless Contractor, The Cordless Multispeed and the Cordless Lynx.

Quicker, safer and more convenient, switching to Cordless Rotary Machines raises productivity levels, saving time and money. With no cables to hold you back, you can get into those hard to reach areas in small spaces and you can cover a greater distance without the limitation of a cord.

Patented Battery Operated Floor Cleaning
Cleaning Innovation
Oscillating Machines
Cleaning safety flooring is synonymous with time-consuming, labour intensive and often unsatisfactory results. Oscillating floorcare machines are incredibly effective at maintaining floors.

Compared to traditional rotary scrubbers that rotate circular pads between 175 and 300 revolutions per minute, oscillating floor machines oscillate the typically rectangular-shaped pad driver offer 3000 rounds of 7mm cleaning action per minute. The quicker revolutions allow operatives to make light work of cleaning floors. The increased agitation through speed reduces the amount of time it takes to scrub the floor.

Cleaning Innovation
Centerflex Driveboards
A CentreFlex drive board is a unique technology that has been developed by Victor, a leading manufacturer of cleaning equipment. The company has spent over 30 years perfecting this technology, which is designed to make the cleaning process more comfortable and efficient for users.

One of the key features of the CentreFlex drive board is its ability to self-level while cleaning. This means that it can adjust to both flat and uneven surfaces, ensuring that the cleaning results are consistent and of high quality. Whether you are cleaning a smooth floor or a textured one, the CentreFlex drive board will provide you with the perfect finish.

Rotary Floor Machines by victor floorcare
Centerflex Driveboards
A CentreFlex drive board is a highly innovative technology that has been designed with the user's comfort and convenience in mind. Its self-leveling and shock-absorbing features make it easier and more comfortable to use, while its versatility and adaptability make it an excellent choice for a wide range of cleaning applications.

Another important feature of the CentreFlex drive board is its shock-absorbing qualities. The board is designed to reduce vibrations felt by the user while cleaning. This makes it much more ergonomic to use, and reduces fatigue, making it easier for the user to clean for extended periods of time.

The CentreFlex drive board is designed to be used with a range of floor types, including carpet, tile, and hardwood. Its versatility and adaptability make it an excellent choice for anyone who needs to clean different surfaces on a regular basis.

Cleaning Innovation
Scrubber Dryers
Victor have been manufacturing Scrubber Dryers since the 1960’s, and our latest range represents a innovative shift away from the status quo.

We looked at the Scrubber dryer market and noticed that fundamentally, there wasn’t much difference in the majority of products outside of tank size.

By condensing the design down to a single high-efficiency motor, we’ve made the machines more energy-efficient. This single motor powers not just the two cog-shaped brushes for scrubbing, but also the vacuum function for drying. This makes Victor Scrubber dryers incredibly efficient. Using cutting-edge lithium-ion batteries keeps the weight well-distributed, so the brushes can maintain a remarkable 30kg of downforce.

With fewer motors, maintenance is simpler and replacement parts are more affordable. The compact brushes clean just as effectively as one large brush, and the smaller batteries and simplified design make our models the most compact in their class. The squeegee’s proximity to the brushes also enhances safety by ensuring the wheels never touch a wet floor. With innovations focused on efficiency, sustainability and user safety, Victor Scrubber Dryers are transforming floor cleaning technology.

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