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Victor RiserShine - Escalator Cleaning Tool
The RiserShine is a breakthrough in escalator cleaning tasks. This simple to use, ergonomic tool helps to clean and maintain escalator risers quickly, effectively and at a reduced cost compared to powered alternatives.
  • Efficient escalator cleaner for risers.
  • Cost-effective and user-friendly.
  • Improves escalator maintenance, prolonging their life and reducing costs.
  • Suitable for quick, responsive cleaning tasks.
  • No electrical power required.
  • Operable by a single person.
  • Made with lightweight, durable aluminium and composite materials.
  • Compatible with most escalator brands.
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Key Features
Simple to Use
Simple to Use
Simple to use – no need for extensive training. Does not require electrical power. Match pad profile to riser brand to ensure efficient clean. Easy to store and transport.
Reduce the Risk
Reduce the Risk
Made with strong but lightweight aluminium and composite materials - minimises strain injury in use. Foaming cleaner is applied to cloth - keeps cleaning fluid away from escalator mechanism. Enables quick response to spills.
Reduce the Cost
Reduce the Cost
Much lower purchase cost than specialist machinery. QuadStretch Woven Cloth lasts over 1,000 washes reducing consumable cost. Much faster than using a machine or ‘hand and scourer’. Only a single operative required which maximises productivity.
Different heads fit any brand of escalator
Different heads fit any brand of escalator
Blue (Otis)
Black (Kone)
Red (Schindler)
Grey (Thyssenkrupp)
Different heads fit any brand of escalator
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Key points of the Riser Shine

1 – Easy to remove cloth allows user to quickly change if required


2 – QuadStretch Woven Cloth, especially designed to conform with riser profiles for optimum cleaning performance.


3 – Pad snaps together easily to ensure perfect match for all types of riser profiles.


4 – Stiff bristles to remove the toughest build up and reach the intricate tread corners.


5 – Rubber strip prevents aluminium head from damaging the treads.


6 – Reinforced handle does not bend or damage, and ensures pressure is transferred to riser surface.

Risershine Benefits
Why Victor
why victor
Manufacturing in Britain for over 75 years
Our mighty commercial cleaning products are manufactured in Birmingham, UK.
why victor
High-quality products
We only build products which are of the highest quality and suitable for commercial environments.
why victor
Short led times
We offer short lead times and next day delivery on request.
why victor
Easy to use
Our simple but highly effective engineering makes our commercial cleaning machines easy to maintain and service.
why victor
First class customer care
Our friendly team have decades of experience solving commercial cleaning problems.

Which RiserShine is Right for You?
Whether its a large or small area, stairs or upholstery the SX15 is the machine to provide a deep clean. Utilising the power of the solution spray that is agitated deep into the carpet pile by the chevron bristled brush, the SX15 cleans carpets effectively.
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