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Keeping floors looking their best in a commercial setting can be a challenge. Ensuring the correct regular cleaning and maintenance routine is important for floors to remain in the best condition. To help you on your journey to pristine floors, we have put together a set of guides on ‘how to clean floors’ for the most common commercial floor types, including wood, vinyl, lino, tiles, concrete, marble, limestone, and safety flooring. Whether you need to tackle daily cleaning, periodic deep cleaning, or protective finishing, our detailed floor care guides aim to give a clear overview on the best practices for commercial spaces.

How clean Wooden floors

The ultimate guide to Cleaning and Polishing Wooden Floors

Keeping your wooden floors looking their best requires regular care and cleaning. At Victor Floorcare, we manufacture high-quality commercial cleaning equipment designed to effectively clean all types of flooring. As experts in floor care, we have compiled this guide on how to properly clean wooden floors in your home.

Wooden floors add warmth and beauty to any environment when properly maintained. But using the wrong cleaning methods or products can damage the floor over time. Our guide will walk you through simple tips and best practices for cleaning wood floors without harming the finish or causing excess moisture.

Periodic Deep Cleaning

Preparing the Area

  • Clear the floor of furniture and debris.
  • Use caution signs to warn people of the cleaning process.

Dusting and Sweeping

  • Begin by dusting the surface to remove loose dirt and debris.
  • Follow with sweeping or vacuuming using Victor Floorcare's high-performance vacuum cleaners.

Choosing the Right Cleaning Agent

  • Select a suitable wood floor cleaner that is compatible with your specific flooring finish.
  • Avoid harsh chemicals that may damage the wood or leave a residue. Try to use as little solution as possible to avoid damaging the floor.

Machine Cleaning

  • For soft wood, regular spray cleaning using a maintainer or neutral pH detergent. White polishing pad on high speed setting or Burnisher such as a Lynx. For hard wood a red pad would be more suitable.


  • Allow the floor to dry completely before reintroducing foot traffic or furniture.

Regular Maintenance

Routine Maintenance

For effective routine maintenance of wooden floors, we recommend the Victor Sprite with exhauster unit. This high-speed rotary machine will lightly clean and polish the floor whilst picking up dust a debris.

Spot Cleaning

Address spills promptly using a damp, not wet, cloth.

Avoid excessive water, as it can penetrate the wood and cause damage.

Dos and Don'ts


  • Do dust or sweep daily.
  • Do use appropriate cleaning agents.
  • Do follow manufacturer guidelines for equipment usage.


  • Don't use excessive water during cleaning.
  • Don't use abrasive tools or harsh chemicals.
  • Don't neglect regular maintenance.

By following this guide, businesses can maintain the longevity and aesthetic appeal of their wooden floors in commercial spaces. For specific recommendations or further assistance, contact Victor Floorcare's customer support.

FAQs on How to Clean a Wood Floor

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